Excavation Columbus Ohio

When your pipes collapse underground, sometimes the only solution is to replace them. Our excavation crew works all year long in extreme heat and cold to get your plumbing service back in business. 

Water Mains: When your water main breaks it can cause serious damage to your foundation and yard, and sometimes can cause your water bill to skyrocket. Old water mains can close off causing low water pressure in the house. 

Sewer Mains: When your sewer main collapses, your waste water has no where to go but back into the house. If a line can't be cleared by cabling or jetting, sometimes the only option is to repair it in the ground.

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Downspout Lines: Most homes have schedule 20 pipe installed for their storm drains when the home is built. Over time, roots from trees and bushes can cause these thin-walled pipes to be crushed and filled with dirt. When we replace these lines, we put in a thicker-walled pipe such as schedule 40 and glue all of the fittings to ensure no water can leak out, and no roots can get in. Installing thicker pipe holds up against ground settling, or under the pressure of a vehicle driving over the top of it. 

Installing new lines also gives us the ability to correct any grading issues that the old pipe might've had, to make sure the pipe has the proper amount of fall out to its destination. 

In some areas, where there is no street drainage, we may install pop-ups or french drains to manage where the water is going.


Adding an Exterior Cleanout: Most older homes do not have an exterior cleanout installed on their sewer main. Typically the only sewer line access is a basement clean out that is usually 3-4" in diameter. When we install an exterior cleanout, we can make it 6" wide, making it easier to clean the line with larger blades or hydro jetting.