Gas Line Repair and Replacement Services

Peace of Mind That Comes With Years of Gas Line Repair Experience

One of the scariest things about gas leaks is that you can’t always smell them. The safety of your home or business is a priority. Regular gas line maintenance is your best defense against corrosion, cracks, and breaks. At Discount Drains, we understand how scary gas leaks can be and we do everything we can to repair, replace, or remediate any issues as quickly as possible. 


Some signs you might have a gas line leak: 

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs

  • Hissing sounds near the gas line

  • A white cloud of dust around the gas line

  • Bubbles in your water

  • Dead houseplants


Gas Line Repair Services

Neglecting a gas line leak in or around your home or business could put your family or employees at risk. The only responsible thing you can do if you suspect an issue with your gas line is to hire a team of certified professionals to make sure your system is safe, functioning effectively, and leak-free. Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from knowing your gas line is in working order. 


Some of the gas line repair services we offer include: 

  • Gas line inspection

  • Leak detection 

  • Crack inspections

  • Crack and damage reparation 


Gas Line Replacement Services   

As old gas lines corrode over time, it’s essential to replace them. Corrosion can cause leaks, cracks, and even lead to potentially more dangerous outcomes. Having a trained professional investigate your gas line is the best line of defense against damage in and around your home or business. 


Gas line inspection is also the best way to plan for the future. If you ever add appliances to your home or are switching from electric to propane or natural gas, you need to add pipes to your existing installation. 


We offer a full host of gas line replacement services including: 

  • Adding gas lines for new appliances

  • Extending existing gas lines

  • Moving existing gas lines

  • Replacing corroded gas lines

  • New gas meter installation

  • Gas shut-off valve installation


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