Storm Drain
Clean Out Special

We provide hydro jetting storm drain clean out services so that you can keep your storm drains cleaned and free of clogs during the rainy season.

$100 per side! Contact us today!

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Keeping your storm drains clear of debris and clogs is vital, especially during the rainy season. Storm drain systems are designed to take water from heavy downfalls and funnel it away from your home into the local drainage systems. Having a working storm drain is critical to avoid flooding in your home. 

Storm drains are notorious for collecting debris such as sticks, mud, and garbage that will eventually lead to a storm drain clog. When your storm drain gets clogged it can lead to heavy flooding of your home or street since the rainwater has no where to go. 

At Discount Drains, we understand the importance of having a working storm drain system. That's why we are offering a $100/side Storm Drain special this season. With this special, we will take our hydro jetting machine, which sprays water at very high pressure, and clear out your storm drains. 

Interested In Cleaning Out Your Storm Drains?

How To Prevent Storm Drain Clogs

There are many ways to prevent your storm drains from clogging. You can clean up leaves in the fall and remove them from storm drain grates, clean up trash and debris near storm drains, and keep your trees properly pruned so branches do not fall into your storm drain. 

What To Do If You Think You Have a Storm Drain Clog

If you notice pooling water during heavy rains, you might have a storm drain clog. It is very important to call a professional plumber right away. A plumber can help you evaluate the situation to determine if your storm drain is clogged. He/She can then help you clear your storm drain through a hydro jetting service. 

How Do You Clear Storm Drains?

In order to properly clear your storm drains we use our hydro jetting machine. A hydro jetting machine sprays high pressure water into the drain in order to clear any debris or other contents that might be causing the clog. The benefits of a hydro jetting service is that it will thoroughly clear your drains so you do not have any more clogs in the near future.