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Product Information:

Protect your home from water damage, 24/7, with Flo by MOEN Smart Water Detectors. These smart water detectors can be placed in your home anywhere moisture could be a problem, such as the basement or laundry room, to provide round-the-clock protection. When water, excess humidity or extreme temperatures are detected, the unit sends an alert via the Flo by MOEN app, sounds an audible alarm or emits a blinking LED light.

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Combine the detector with the Flo by MOEN Smart Water Shutoff for whole-home protection.

Can be placed in the home wherever there is a risk for potential water damage, such as a flooding basement, washing machine leak, hot water tank failure, etc.

Smart technology helps detect leaks to help reduce the risk of water damage by providing 24/7 monitoring

Monitors for water leaks and measures the room’s temperature and humidity to help protect against frost and mold risk Senses and sends real-time notifications of water events that happen outside of the pipes – like a flooding basement or malfunctioning appliance Includes a detector extension cable with remote sensing disc that can extend up to 48 in., making it perfect for reaching tight spaces and providing the opportunity to achieve home water management at any budget

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Offers ability to use and connect multiple detectors within the home for whole home protection Works independently or in conjunction with the Flo by MOEN smart water shutoff. Battery type: CR123A - 3-Volt lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 2-years

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