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Grant Thompson
Grant Thompson 5.0

Charles was courteous and prompt. He did great work.

Brandon Hewitt
Brandon Hewitt 5.0

Cool guy, very professional with the way he portrays him self. I’m very satisfied with the work that was done and recommend to anyone looking for this kind of service.

Angela Moore (Angie)
Angela Moore (Angie) 2.0

I think I will chose a different company.

Kimberly Miller
Kimberly Miller 5.0

I needed a plumber and I called your company, a very professional guy came and fixed my problem, he did awesome work! Will use again for sure.

Abby Ritchey
Abby Ritchey 5.0

Noah did a great job replacing our hot water heater! He was timely and friendly - a joy to work with! We also worked with this company about a year ago when we needed a new sump pump. Another great experience.

M M 1.0

I would not recommend this company to anyone. I was charged a $49 service fee for someone to spend a couple minutes in my house to quote me for a small leak in the shower faucet. I was able to get a free quote from another Company (EcoPlumbers) who came ...to my property and fixed the issue for $130. Discount Drains quoted me over $1200+ saying they would have to completely replace my whole shower when all that was needed was the faucet being tightened. I definitely would like a refund for this horrible experience. I was called by their customer support and they offered to refund me the service fee, I will take down this review once the refund is finalizedRead More...

Rose Garcia
Rose Garcia 5.0

Their costumer service is awesome! James and Chris were the best! And fixed out bursted hot water line quick and explained everything very well. The price was also great for all the work they did! I highly recommend Discount Drains.

Jim E
Jim E 5.0

Great professional and friendly service.

TOm Hyatt
TOm Hyatt 5.0

I just had my toilet serviced for an obstruction. Elane came the day before and helped with our septic tank which we thought was the problem. Told us that if it still acts up theyll credit us the bill towards a next visit. Today Elaine and James came out ...and did a deep dive troubleshooting on our problem and fixed it pretty quickly. They both were very friendly and thorough on explaining the issue and tips for quick fixes. Thanks again to the both of you and happy holidays.Read More...

Mark Shaffer
Mark Shaffer 5.0

Elaine and James did a power wash of our perimeter drains to help with radon mitigation, based on the recommendation of our radon specialist. Both were extremely friendly, efficient, and got the work completed in a timely manner. On a scale of 1 to 5 ...stars, both of them get the 5 star rating. Very pleased with the work, the price, and the professional attitude.Read More...

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